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"All parts of this course work together to grow your traffic, visibility, leads, sales and profits over the weeks, months and years to come, to a level you  may not even imagine possible today!"

From the desk of David Grahams

Dear Fellow Online Marketer,

These WordPress traffic growth tactics have worked for my sites and the sites of coaching clients of mine for years, and continue to work. In fact, even through Google updates that caused sites around the world to lose rankings, the sites I worked on continued to do well. But, very importantly, the traffic generation tactics and strategies I detail in this course do not depend on Google. Google traffic is great, but Google likes to change its mind regularly about which sites to reward, and which sites to punish.

So if you're really looking to build a valuable site that gets a ton of traffic, leads and sales, it's vital you diversify your traffic.

That's what this course is all about, attracting high quality traffic from multiple sources WITHOUT paying for advertising!

So Whether You Are ...

​New To Wordpress but interested in growing your website


An experienced Wordpress website owner looking to get more traffic and reach a wider audience


Someone who would like to build a profitable and valuable website


A Freelancer or Agency offering traffic generation services to clients

This course can help you grow your website traffic to hundreds, even thousands of visitors a day, surprisingly quickly, and in almost any niche market.

Also, and very importantly, these results can then continue to come in for years to come, rather than receiving the short term results you get when you pay for advertising.

Introducing ... 

"Grow Your Wordpress Website Traffic Using Content And Social Marketing"

Included In This Course Is ...

75 Video Lectures

Access to dozens of videos where I have aimed to share everything I know about growing website traffic significantly (and for the long term) without paying for advertising.

Content Creation

How to create, publish and promote content to attract large audiences to your websites

Traffic Tactics

Full details on all the traffic generation tactics and strategies I use in my own business.

If you're really diligent, you could go through the entire course in one (long) day making notes and actionable items as you go through it.

Or you could take a more leisurely approach and go through one part of the course a day, or even just go through each part in turn and implement it before moving  on to the next. Although be aware all the parts of this course work together, so it's best you start to implement them at around the same time as each other if at all possible.

What Are The Requirements ?

A Familiarity with Wordpress is recommended


An understanding of Basic Internet Marketing Concepts is helpful


The drive and ambition to succeed

What Will You Get From This Course ?

> Over 75 lectures and over 11 hours of content

> Follow a strategy that can grow your website traffic to tens of thousands of visitors a month (or more)

> Easily create, publish and promote content that attracts a massive audience

> Optimize your website so that it easily ranks well in the search engines

> Learn to use Social Networks effectively to become a "Thought Leader" in your market

> Get visitors, leads and customers referred to you from incredibly high traffic websites

> Grow a responsive Email List of tens of thousands of subscribers

[COPY]Grow Traffic To Your WordPress Website Using Content And Social Marketing – 2016-04-10 08:53:43 | [COPY]Grow Traffic To Your WordPress Website Using Content And Social Marketing – 2016-04-10 08:53:43 – IM Spotlight

What Exactly Is In This Course ?

Here is the Full course listing :-

Make sure to check out the sample videos near the foot of the page to demonstrate the quality of what you are getting!

  Section 1: An Introduction to Growing Your Traffic Considerably


Lecture 1

Who this course is for and how it will benefit you.

Length  16:04


Lecture 2

A detailed introduction to the types of website traffic you'll be generating  

Length: 18:28

  Section 2: A Content Marketing Approach That Works For Any Business


Lecture 3

Some quick examples of content marketing that really helped businesses grow

Length: 06:05


Lecture 4

 What is "Evergreen Content" and how does it benefit you?

Length: 05:00


Lecture 5

  A quick example of viral content that attracts millions of monthly visitors

Length: 02:55


Lecture 6

   An example of YouTube used very effectively to grow traffic and generate leads

Length: 05:53


Lecture 7

    How to easily use SlideShare to attract even more traffic and leads

Length: 05:20


Lecture 8

 How to create and promote free tools that dramatically grow website traffic

Length: 06:12


Lecture 9

 An example of an infographic that attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors

Length: 06:40


Lecture 10

How to use high traffic paid content platforms to attract visitors at a profit

Length: 06:48


Lecture 11

 How to research and organize keywords that help your site attract huge traffic

Length: 19:58


Lecture 12

 How to research (and win against) your content marketing competition

Length: 12:38


Lecture 13

How to decide what (and when) to publish to your blog

Length: 18:48


Lecture 14

Blog post formats shown to attract and keep readers on your site

Length: 11:19


Lecture 15

 A demonstration of formatting a blog post for maximum readability

Length: 12:35


Lecture 16

  How to use PowerPoint to help rapidly create great blog posts

Length: 14:03


Lecture 17

 Options that allow you to write great content quickly and easily

Length: 11:32


Lecture 18

 Options for outsourcing your writing so you get affordable great content

Length: 18:44


Lecture 19

How to "amplify" your content so it quickly reaches the widest audience possible

Length: 20:21

Section 3: How to Easily Optimize Your Site For Maximum Search Engine Traffic


Lecture 20

An in depth introduction to "On Site" search engine optimization

Length: 12:33


Lecture 21

 And now an in depth introduction to "Off Site" search engine optimization

Length: 19:00


Lecture 22

How to use Open Site Explorer to find where your competitors are getting links

Length: 03:35


Lecture 23

Using ahrefs to find even more links your competitors are attracting

Length: 02:18


Lecture 24

 A crash course to optimizing your HTML code for on site SEO

Length: 18:49


Lecture 25

 Using the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize the title tag across your site

Length: 07:18


Lecture 26

 How to SEO optimize your images in WordPress for more traffic

Length: 03:16


Lecture 27

Optimizing the structure and URLs of your site for search engines and visitors

Length: 13:43


Lecture 28

 How (and why) to easily implement breadcrumbs into any WordPress site

Length: 04:33


Lecture 29

How to optimize the internal links in your site for visitors and search engines

Length: 16:12


Lecture 30

 How (and why) to keep some of your site content out of the search engines

Length: 05:54


Lecture 31

Redirects and canonical URLs - what are they and how do you implement them?

Length: 05:35


Lecture 32

Canonical URL customization options in the Yoast SEO plugin

Length: 01:14


Lecture 33

How to use plugins to easily redirect from one URL to another

Length: 06:54


Lecture 34

How to implement redirects using htaccess in WordPress

Length: 08:18


Lecture 35

Easily implementing nofollow on select links within WordPress

Length: 04:36


Lecture 36

A detailed introduction to XML and HTML sitemaps in WordPress

Length: 01:48


Lecture 37

Easily implementing an XML sitemap using Yoast SEO plugin

Length: 03:05


Lecture 38

Options for quickly and easily making any WordPress site mobile responsive

Length: 04:16


Lecture 39

Two simple ways to test whether your site is fully responsive or not

Length: 02:45


Lecture 40

Making your site responsive with WPtouch and outsourcing options

Length: 05:10


Lecture 41

A detailed introduction to speeding up your WordPress site for higher rankings

Length: 07:52


Lecture 42

How to set up WP Super Cache to easily make your site faster

Length: 15:23


Lecture 43

Implementing WP Super Cache with MaxCDN to speed up your site even more

Length: 10:24


Lecture 44

How to use WP Smush to automatically shrink images and speed up your site

Length: 06:49


Lecture 45

How WP-Optimize can optimize your WordPress database to help keep your site fast

Length: 03:46


Lecture 46

An introduction to automatically testing your site's level of SEO optimization

Length: 03:41


Lecture 47

How to automatically check for broken links on your WordPress site

Length: 04:19

Section 4: Using Social to Secure Your Brand and Grow Traffic, Leads & Sales


Lecture 48

How to use social networking to control and promote your brand online

Length: 20:05


Lecture 49

An online networking crash course that takes you from follower to thought leader

Length: 16:09


Lecture 50

An example of how businesses are using social to secure their online brand

Length: 06:59


Lecture 51

An example of a site using a Facebook page to reach current and new readers

Length: 04:12


Lecture 52

How to quickly set up a Facebook page that secures and promotes your brand

Length: 10:51


Lecture 53

How and why to set up a YouTube channel and use it to attract views and visitors

Length: 06:46


Lecture 54

A crash course to using LinkedIn to grow traffic, leads, sales, and partnerships

Length: 06:12


Lecture 55

How and why to use SlideShare to claim your brand and attract visitors

Length: 02:10


Lecture 56

The networking, SEO, and traffic generation benefits of Disqus and Gravatar

Length: 04:47

Section 5: How to Get Other Sites to Happily Send You a Lot of Traffic


Lecture 57

An introduction to getting traffic from other blogs, news sites, and partners

Length: 17:26


Lecture 58

How to research and find great places to get guest posts published

Length: 07:35


Lecture 59

How to become a contributor at very high traffic broad interest sites

Length: 02:07


Lecture 60

An example of an ideal guest post that drives traffic and grows visibility

Length: 03:43


Lecture 61

 How to use HARO to get great links, more traffic, and huge authority

Length: 06:14


Lecture 62

How "Thank You" pages can be used to increase traffic and sales

Length: 06:37


Lecture 63

An overview of whether launching an affiliate program is right for your website

Length: 12:12

Section 6: An Approach to Email Marketing That Can Significantly Grow Your Business


Lecture 64

A detailed introduction to using email to create traffic and sales on demand

Length: 19:26


Lecture 65

An introduction to options you have for formatting and structuring your emails

Length: 07:54


Lecture 66

The pros and cons of a hosted versus managed email list solution

Length: 05:07


Lecture 67

Easily add an email subscription form to your site with the "Optin Forms" plugin

Length: 09:13


Lecture 68

How to add (for free) a floating popup to your site that grows your list quickly

Length: 17:52


Lecture 69

Free and paid options for creating in depth forms to collect qualified leads

Length: 13:37


Lecture 70

A brief tutorial of HTML email formatting options in MailChimp

Length: 20:35

Section 7: Easily Promoting Your Business Locally Online For Branding, Leads and Sales


Lecture 71

An introduction to getting traffic, visibility, and leads from your local area

Length: 06:21


Lecture 72

How to use free and paid options to build a huge list of citation opportunities

Length: 10:41


Lecture 73

The options you have available to submit your citations to hundreds of sites

Length: 16:45


Lecture 74

How to create a "Google My Business" page to claim a local search listing

Length: 08:49

Section 8: Conclusion


Lecture 75

Conclusion, and... good luck!

Length: 05:28

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 Lecture 5

   A quick example of viral content that attracts millions of monthly visitors

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Video Sample 2

 Lecture 45

 How WP-Optimize can optimize your WordPress database to help keep your site fast

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